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Title & Description
Audio Recording & Editing
Learn how to record and edit audio projects using [insert specifics].
Cloud Computing
Learn how to use [insert specifics] to store, manage, create and edit files.
Learn basic coding principles and get started writing code using [insert specifics].
Computadoras: Básico
Aprenda los conceptos básicos de los componentes de una computadora y sus funciones elementales.
Computer: Basics
Learn the basics of a computer's components, how to use a keyboard and mouse, and how to create, save, close and reopen files.
Correo Electrónico: Avanzado
Aprenda cómo organizar mensajes, adjuntar archivos y usar la libreta de contactos en su cuenta de correo electrónico en el internet.
Correo Electrónico: Básico
Aprenda cómo organizar mensajes, adjuntar archivos y usar la libreta de contactos en su cuenta de correo electrónico en el internet.
Create a Website
Learn how to create, build and publish a professional-looking website. No coding experience required!
Declutter Your Digital Life
Learn how to make your digital space more livable by adopting a few simple habits and re-establishing a healthy relationship with technology.
Digital Preservation: Scanning Photos & Documents
Learn how to use the scanning tools available at the Library to [insert specifics].
Email: Basics
Learn how to create and use a free, web-based email account.
Email: Intermediate
Learn how to create a contact list, organize messages, send attachments and more. Prerequisites: Email account and experience using email.
Google Sheets
Learn how to create, edit and share online documents [or spreadsheets or presentations].
Green Screen Studio
Learn how to use a green screen background to create special effects in photos and videos.
Image Editing
Learn how to edit and manage digital photos.
Information Literacy
Learn how to detect misinformation online and prevent it from spreading.
Internet Searching & Browsing
Learn how to browse and search online.
Learn how to navigate your iPad. [insert specifics here].
Library Apps
Learn how to stream and download items from the Library’s digital collection of books, audiobooks, music, magazines, videos and more.
Microsoft Excel: Advanced
Explore advanced spreadsheet functions.
Microsoft Excel: Basics
Learn how to create spreadsheets and make simple charts.
Microsoft Excel: Intermediate
Learn how to format and manipulate spreadsheet data.
Microsoft Word: Advanced
Learn how to use advanced features to create professional-looking documents and flyers.
Microsoft Word: Basics
Learn how to create and edit word documents.
Microsoft Word: Intermediate
Learn how to customize Word documents with text, paragraph and page formatting features.
Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Experience
Explore, learn, create and play; immerse yourself in a 3D environment!
Online Marketplaces
Learn how to buy and sell products online.
Online Resources for Job Searching
Learn where to find job listings, career information, resume templates and interviewing advice online.
Power Up Your Presentations
Learn how to create and design eye-catching presentations.
Smartphone Basics
Learn how to navigate your [insert specifics here].
Social Media
Social media platforms can be powerful (and fun) communication tools. Learn how to make the most of [insert specific platform name].
Staying Safe Online
Learn how to identify and protect yourself from online threats to your privacy and security.
Tech Talk & Basic Computer Skills Lab
Need help navigating a website or using a computer? Library staff will provide one-on-one assistance to help you enhance your technology skills.
Tech Tools for Graphic Design
Learn how to create eye-catching flyers, business cards, social media posts and more.
Tech Tools for Writers
Learn how to write interactive, nonlinear web-based stories using Twine, a free open-source tool.
Tech Toys Showcase
Explore the Library's digital media lab equipment, including audio and video production equipment, electronics kits and virtual reality headsets.
Video Chat Basics
Learn how to use [insert specific service] to make video calls using your phone, tablet or computer.
Video Recording & Editing
Learn how to shoot and edit your own video.